Transformation: A process of changing our belief systems about who we are and how we walk through the world; becoming what we envision ourselves to be.

Winton Coaching will help you establish ways to work through, walk through and fully embrace the moment.

  • Do you want to change something in your life and feel unable to do so?
  • Is your work unsatisfactory?
  • Do you resist joy?
  • Do you feel you live more in the past or the future than the present?
  • Are your relationships unfulfilling?

At Winton Coaching, our non-traditional, interactive therapies will help you explore these questions on a deep level, and find the answers that will help you transform.
Take the opportunity, through the guidance of Winton Coaching programs, to participate in the creation of your own beautiful story, to feel confident and secure in your choices and to live within the world that you create for yourself.

“I have known Claude Winton for almost 20 years.  He has a deep commitment to Spirit and balances it with a deep appreciation for the profane.  As a result, working with him will be a combination of tears and great laughter guided spiritually in a beautiful way. Claude is very skilled and has learned many therapeutic techniques. So have many others. What separates him from many others is his depth.

Jonathan Cohen, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist