The Mission of Winton Coaching is to help you embrace your magnificence, to let go of all that doesn’t serve you, and to become what only you can imagine.


Family Constellation Workshop to be held in Berkley, MI on Saturday, November 9th, 9:30am-5:00pm. Cost $100. For more information click here.

The Mariposa Story

Mariposa, the butterfly, symbolizes transformation.  But it also represents freedom, beauty, strength and the impermanence of life.  In many cultures, the butterfly is thought to carry the spirits of the recently departed.

Many years ago, as I was beginning this journey, I was given the great gift of friendship with a woman who became a powerful mentor and guide.  She helped me to see myself in ways I never had and told me I’d be reminded of her lessons through the appearance of the mariposa.  I now see them as I go through my day, in the air, in artwork, in music.  I have a constant reminder to embrace change, embrace the moment and know that there are teachers, guides and the spirits of those who have impacted us  as we walk down our path.

The story of Mariposa is the inspiration of  the therapeutic practices of Winton Coaching.  With grace, strength and fearlessness we will help you become what you imagine and create the life you choose. – Claude Winton

About Claude

Claude WintonClaude Winton is the Owner and Director of Winton Coaching. He holds a degree in Social Work from Michigan State University, has been a certified group workshop facilitator for the non-profit, Mankind Project International since 1996 and is the former Executive Director of Serendipity LLC., outpatient treatment facility in East Lansing, MI. He was an appointed State of Michigan Therapist for the Health Professional Recovery Program for 8 years and a State of Michigan Drug Court Member for the 54th and 55th District Court. He has provided guidance and counseling in individual, small group, and large group environments for close to 20 years.

Claude takes the guessing game out of personal growth work. “Mentoring, teaching and guides are all we need to help us connect with our personal power and create fulfillment in our lives,” says Winton. “My job as a  guide is to help my clients let go of the stories they are trapped in, the stories that others have written for them. It is to help them move past fear, shame and disconnection with others and themselves.”

“Claude is the real deal.  He will help you get to your deeper truth and authenticity, all the time doing it with humor, fun and humility.  If you’re ready to get real and make some serious change to create what you want for yourself, then Claude is your guy.”

Craig Herink, MA, Marriage and Family Therapist


“I sincerely feel that you helped me when I was going through a tough time.  You are much appreciated Claude, and I look forward to our next exchange of energy…”

Daniel Nunez, President 1 Stop Energies