Learning Through Family Constellations

If you are on the fence regarding the upcoming Family Constellations Weekend Workshop offered here in Berkley on November 9 please call me. I’d love to share my experience and my belief in this model and I trust and know that the people in the room will make this a safe, empowering experience that will change the way you see yourself and your path.

Family Constellations has a certain astrologic sound to it, and when I first heard of this model I was turned off because I dismissed it as being about the “hokey pokey” alignment of the stars, moon etc. What I learned from my own interpretation of just the title has been that I shut down, turn off and otherwise justify my attempt to avoid looking deeper. So I sat on the fence for several years before attending my first day long Family Constellations workshop earlier this year, but I made the leap and can say, without hesitation, that this interactive and therapeutic model has brought me a perspective and understanding that is unparalleled.

Family Constellation work has brought me face to face with my desire to look deeper from a very loving, strong, supported and empowering place. It has brought me awareness of the impacts of the women and men who came before me, laid the groundwork for me and allowed me to become the strong man I am today.  I hope to see you on November 9th!