Pray Where You Are

Last week I was at a retreat community where many people come to be bathed in hot springs. I have come to this place for many years and find it close to magical.  Its a place to go deep within and discover yourself.   I find myself stuck in that place for weeks after I leave and return to the “default world”. The default world is what the residents of Black Rock City, NV call the place beyond the desert. This is the place most of us live everyday.  After returning from the hot springs and my deep internal journey, I am always struck by the state of fear and joylessness that permeate our society. After this most recent visit I found myself wondering what we’re trying to protect ourselves from and realized what we truly fear is the big bad wolf who lives in the forest of our own soul.  We are afraid of our own selves.


This revelation startled me.  I found myself wanting to go back and never return to the default world.  So I sat down and prayed.  Right where I was.   I prayed for the same understanding, acceptance and peace I feel at the hot springs.   I understood that I, like many, had been conditioned by the disapproval of others and had internalized this.  I had learned to withhold, to avoid intimacy and had ultimately lived a life that was stress ridden and unfulfilling.  What I realized was that I had a responsibility to myself and to those who came before me to step into my power and be authentic every day.


Find comfort in prayer; do not wait for the right moment. I have spent too much time attempting to “get it right”:  go to the right church, joining the right group, going to the right school, marry the right person, and raising good children.  And what’s funny (or maybe not) is that there is no right, and there is no wrong.  There simply is.  By looking deep inside, we can understand the bigger picture of our path, learn from those who came before us and gain the courage to return to the default world and live genuinely. So pray where you are.  And let the answers come to you.