The following is a list of our favorite people!  These are individuals or companies that are dedicated to well-being and the creation of a healthier, happier planet.  You will find organic farmers, authors, mentors and friends, all with great gifts.  Please take some time to visit their websites.

How to Get Healthy Step by Step

Mary Beauchamp, RN and owner of Bright Earth Foods is passionate about nutrition, healthy living and the energy of belief.  She has been a health educator and a patient advocate for over 20 years and has developed simple online programs that will help you overcome the obstacles that are standing in the way of a healthier self, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Mary’s passion is to help clear up the confusion and misinformation about health and nutrition and to help people to heal and thrive.

To start getting healthy now, visit Bright Earth Foods

Sacred Journeys

Dr. Jonathan Cohen and his wife Shari Landau are highly trained in a variety of processes which include traditional talk therapy, art therapy, guided visualization, energy work and shamanic practices.   Cohen is a licensed psychologist and a  trained shaman, and his heart-based practice serves clients across the lifespan.  Landau, Cohen’s wife and  partner in Sacred Journeys is a board certified Art Psychotherapist and specialist in eating disorders.  Together they combine their gifts to serve as a bridge between the traditional world of psychotherapy and the world of energy medicine.

Jim Donovan Music: Connect, Empower, Inspire

Jim Donovan is a musician, teacher, trainer and motivator whose mission is to empower, inspire and connect people. In his work, Donovan records, performs, writes, and  offers workshops in the US and abroad focused on using rhythm, drumming  and the voice as vehicles for personal growth, healing, and the creation of community. Donovan’s accolades are endless and include major motion pictures, national television, and tours with groups as infamous as The Grateful Dead.
Donovan is completing graduate work in Education Leadership at Saint Francis University where he is also on faculty.  He has  developed a training program that teaches Occupational Therapists,  medical professionals, parents and teachers how to use percussion  techniques as a complementary intervention for autistic and children with other disabilities. Donovan is an  author, dedicated husband and father of three.

Leadership Magic By Jim Mitchell

How you lead you in your personal life will ultimately show up in how you lead your team, department, company or organization. It will influence everything you try to create in your personal life and relationships as well as your business life and relationships.There is a ‘magic’ to leading ourselves first and foremost.  And magic in it for us and our relationships across the board, ” says Jim Mitchell, Practical Transformationist.  Jim Mitchell is a native Arizonan and recognized personal and corporate leadership development specialist and leadership consultant. He facilitates vulnerability-based leadership, emotional intelligence-based leadership, deep personal leadership, advanced communication skills, conflict resolution, personal vision, mission and purpose, culture change and performance acceleration and improvement workshops for a variety of individuals and clients around the globe.

Grab the Tiger by the Tail

Dr. Leland W. Howe, Ph.D.  is the author and co-author of numerous books and professional articles, including the worldwide bestseller, Values Clarification, which received the Pi Lambda Theta Outstanding Book of the Year Award in 1973. Upon leaving Temple University, where he taught for 10 years, Dr. Howe completed an advanced training program in Bioenergetic Analysis and was certified as a Bioenergetics Therapist and a Local Trainer in Bioenergetics for the Society of Bioenergetic Analysis in Rochester, Michigan.  Currently he has a private practice in the mid-Michigan area,  conducts research and does trainings on a revolutionary new healing process using body wisdom and spontaneous energetic movement, called Spontaneous Energetic Healing™.

“My children and I have known Claude for 13 years.  He has served as a mentor to my children and has taught me to listen to my inner truth.  Claude is a rare soul who has the ability to recognize the beauty that we all possess and the means to help us let it shine.”

Brenda Rayle, Licensed Therapist